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Jackets are well tailored utility belts in which to stow the

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Wearing her life jacket, Schuyler was bobbing in the water when a boulder dislodged from the mountainside, careered off the [...]

It was extremely loud with my hearing aids on sounded like

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Echoed his goals for the weeklong trip that will take him to Japan, South Korea and China, as well as [...]

I always head straight here if I need a ‘going out’ dress or

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Theft, Smith Road: A loss prevention person at Gabe's saw a man remove tags from two store items and change [...]

If it is colder out ( 5 C and below) or if I know I am not

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Mr. Suharto was driven from office in 1998 by widespread rioting, economic paralysis and political chaos. His rule was not [...]

After learning that an employee who weighs 300 pounds (136 or

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Your Honor, to the business at hand: the old woman who stands before you was arrested for reading the Declaration [...]

I have a hunch some of you city dwellers have too

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As the Times reported, her family essentially forced her into retirement at the age of 95, but it only took [...]

But hopefully as in years past you know

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However, the First World War galvanized the women's suffrage movement across the west, as women demanded recognition of their many [...]

«It’s as obsessive as I got about tracking the best time to

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Michael is the only one that saw through the cult and split. Jermaine also implied MJ had been using propofol [...]

In Persian history around the time period the inscriptions

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Geological survey records or state well drilling reports will record the depths of previous wells in the area and whether [...]

people that caused

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The sticky situation is this: the stimulus measures in America above all quantitative easing have benefited mainly the companies and [...]

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